My good friend and long-time collaborator Mustafa Akbar passed away in early 2019. SOUL BUSH is no longer performing. I am leaving this page up on my website to memorialize the band we once had. Mustafa brought some amazingly soulful funky vibes Key West. We miss him much. Praise to the Most High for the life of Mustafa Akbar!

SOUL BUSH DUO featured: 

Ross Brown - Guitar, Vocals, Congas, Percussion and Loops 
Mustafa Akbar - Vocals, Percussion 

The SOUL BUSH DUO was basically a lite form of the band SOUL BUSH. The duo performed similar repertoire of Funk, Soul, R&B, Reggae and Rock, covers and originals. Compared to the full band, the vibe was toned down and more appropriate for a small venue or restaurant setting. 

Ross Brown provided the rhythmic structure utilizing live-looping techniques to layer sounds of guitar, bass, beats, congas, and percussion, establishing a groovy foundation. The two sang together in beautiful harmony sharing the load of lead and backing vocals. Ross’s lead guitar fills in between with melodic passages and improvisation. 

Mustafa Akbar is a seasoned soulful vocalist with silky smooth vocal style reminiscent of Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. He is an accomplished recording artist with two albums released under his own name and many other releases as a featured vocalist on tracks by various EDM producers including “Fort Knox Five”, “Thunderball”, “Afrika Bambata” and many more…. 

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